COSMOS / Book, digital prints, film 
Solo exhibition at ISBN books+gallery, Budapest 2023.

In this exhibition Gábor Palotai displays a distinct graphic vision of outer space. He turns planets, galaxies, moons, and stars into an abstract art. The art works consist of circles with intense patterns in white and black. The circles are differently sized and have their own patterns shaping the edges of their circles. The effect is striking: each circle has its own identity from within and yet relates to another. This is also highlighted on the book cover, where the lenticular shows two images in one.

The artworks put forward that everybody represents his and her own cosmos. The patterns create a graphic rhythm that seem to make the circles swell, shrink and spin. These intricate graphic patterns invite to contemplation and extend outer space into your inner life. The optical illusions open for imagination: You are your own cosmos!

Photo credit: Máté Lukács, ISBN books+galley

© 2021 Gabor Palotai.
All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Gabor Palotai. All Rights Reserved.