COSMOS by Gabor Palotai is a graphic space odyssey. On display is an abstract art of the solar system and beyond, where you become your own planet. At every page of the book you get another view of both inner and outer space: from far-off perspectives on dwarf planets, to close-ups on the dust storms on Mars. With a graphic wealth of detail, the rhythmic and intense patterns stand out in white, black and gold. These striking space-patterns are set in clear-cut circles. The circles, whatever they evoke – planets, halos, holes, galaxies, stars – also reinforce that every illustration is an image of its own. COSMOS brings together inner space with outer space. And as such it is the cosmos of the mind’s eye. Every image invites you to explore space – extended into your inner life. COSMOS is a book of contemplation, and as such it opens up to imagination.

© 2021 Gabor Palotai.
All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Gabor Palotai. All Rights Reserved.