Urban Landscapes Mugs

In the series Urban Landscapes, Gábor Palotai transforms city life into an abstract art. In these four motifs, realized on mugs produced by Design House Stockholm, Gábor Palotai explores the energy of Downtown, the Pattern of urban life, the Overview of the city map, and the locus of the Detail. On porcelain, these black on white patterns get a new function. Inspired by Vilém Flusser's ''The swarm of pixels is indescribable'', Gábor Palotai transforms urban dreams into tangible reality.

Urban Landscapes is not only a result of digitalized graphic design uniting with a more traditional craft, porcelain. It is also an ongoing visual story of how to relate to the image of city when seen and used everyday. Urban Landscapes invites to reflections over a cup of tea.

© 2021 Gabor Palotai.
All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Gabor Palotai. All Rights Reserved.